Business Operations Director

Posted on November 26, 2018

We are looking for the right person to lead our business operations—a collaborative leader who can maintain a big picture view of the business and provide direction, inspiration, and experience to the studio leadership and our team. In short, we're looking for the glue between business and project work, ensuring our business stays on track and in sync with our cultural practices.

This role is very important to FRIENDS. You will touch a little of everything and your input will be invaluable as we evolve and look for ways to modify our business model and processes. This role is about successfully supporting great decision making, building trust and demonstrating great judgment.


  • Lead projects around process innovation and proactively seek opportunities to evolve our business model.

  • Lead day-to-day operations by working collaboratively with the leadership and project teams. Drive business planning and work to track, maintain, and charge our new business pipeline.

  • Promote a work environment that nurtures creative thinking, innovation, rational risk-taking and tradeoffs.

  • Help to establish a culture that is inclusive, achievement-driven, positive, and empowering.

  • Plan and track operating expenses, including but not limited to project, department, and individual budgets.

  • Create compelling stories from yearly budgets, forecasts, and the general state of the business. Share openly and often with the team at large.

  • Guide quarterly budgets and forecasts of various business functions with studio leads.

  • Invest in the growth of our capabilities by supporting the learning and development of staff.

  • Work closely with leadership to oversee the pipeline of new business leads and assess the viability, pricing, margins and risk factors of those leads.

  • Give and solicit feedback from others in order to continually raise our bar for quality.


  • 5+ years explicit experience in a business operations or project management capacity, preferably 3+ years within a creative consulting services company or similar field (design, advertising, digital agencies, production companies).

  • Ideally experience in scaling a business group or facilitating organizational growth.

  • Ability to empathize and engage with designers and help them look at things through a business lens.

  • Ability to synthesize aggregated knowledge, both financial and anecdotal, into a point of view and express it effectively.

  • Great communication and negotiation skills, bringing together different views, personalities, goals, and needs, and helping different stakeholders find business alignment and growth

  • Comfort level in an ambiguous, principles driven (non-rules based) environment.

  • Ability to manage-up proactively.

  • Genuine and inquisitive, humble yet strong.

  • Excellent discretion, demonstrating sound judgment in dealing with confidential dialogues and information

Bonus Points

  • X-Acto knife skills + handcrafted art and objects.

  • Ability to code in any language.

  • Capable of starting a fire.

How to Apply

Friends is committed to fair and inclusive employment practices, and strongly encourage people of color, women, LGBTQ+ individuals, people with disabilities, and others who may contribute to the diversification of ideas to apply.

Send an email to with relevant links and please tell us about what sets you apart. Paint a picture of your curious self. Share something you are most proud of—be it the story of a business you helped change, art, or tools you created.