Friends, a collaborative design company.

Pioneering new ways to work, together.

Friends is a co-op. Everyone you'll work with is also an owner—be it an employee, advisor, or specialist. Which means our motivations are radically different than traditional partners and we're able to do things that others cannot.

The co-op makes it possible for Friends to solve complex problems that require deep expertise and diverse thinking (from behavioral economics to virtual reality). We're able to introduce the right talent at the right time. We can create new benefits and nurture the creativity inside our organization and yours. We can even integrate with teams to grow internal capabilities, scale ideas, and move quicker than ever.

Co-op details

A flexible approach to project teams.

Projects have a core team that is supported by co-op members and spaces. We bring them together at the right scale, right time in order to design, test, and launch ideas.

  • 1. Co-Op Members

    Along with traditional disciplines such as design, strategy, and technology, Friends is made up of specialists that push the boundaries of their disciplines—from behavioral economics to virtual reality.

  • 2. Co-Op Spaces

    Real-world environments in education, retail, hospitality, food and beverage, and media to test big picture thinking through practical application. We consider them to be living labs: real-time prototyping and feedback in real-world context.

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