Friends, a collaborative design company.

A collaborative design company.

We partner with organizations of all sizes in public, private, and social sectors to build innovation into their culture and move forward in brave new ways.


Friends lead every project with the belief that humanity, creativity, and purpose transform organizations and the relationship with the people they serve.


Give purpose to every action. Insights, positioning, leadership stories.

Design & Innovation

Design and launch human experiences. New products, services, ventures, brands.

Creative Cultures

Nurture creativity within organizations. Tools to inspire action, support new behaviors and skills.

Reality can be changed with enough imagination.

Whether it’s doing the unfamiliar or building a product before the technology exists or being up against established policies—rigorous creativity makes it possible to take big steps forward.

Design for the changing needs of business & creative cultures.

We’re reimagining the experiences inside and outside of organizations in order to create prosperous futures for our partners and the people they serve. Along the way, we're creating new methods and tools that support organizations as they move faster than ever and help young companies scale their ideas.

Founded in 2015 by three partners.

Friends has grown into a co-op of 25 wildly talented specialists, advisors, and entrepreneurs. We come from internal innovation teams and external agencies. Upstream and down. Digital worlds and physical.

David Mikula
Creative & Business

As CEO, David runs day-to-day operations and leads the creative practice for Friends.

David is an active creative partner to the C-Suite that’s looking to design the future of live, work, and play. He leads every project with the principle that all actions of an organization can and should be designed to benefit the interest of the people they serve—inside and out of their company.

Prior to starting Friends, David held leadership roles at award-winning creative agencies, digital shops, and innovation firms including, Digital Kitchen, Redscout, and Wieden + Kennedy, among others. Over the past twelve years, he has received numerous awards for innovations in brand, product, and experience design with notable companies such as Nike, Google, Sesame Workshop, Whole Foods Market, Target and Electronic Arts.

As a self-taught designer, technologist, and activist from the Internet's golden-age: David is a rare specialist who knows, first-hand, that experiments and exploits can be powerful tools to positively affect the world around us using technology.

In his spare time, David shares his experience through public speaking, contributes to the EFF and ACLU, and explores a new hobby: imagining the first galactic sport.

Miki Aso
Strategy & Service

As CSO, Miki leads the strategy and design research practice for Friends.

Miki works alongside teams and leaders to transform the relationship between companies and people. She is constantly in search for new ways to support our partners as they do things they’ve never done before and believes that design is as much facilitation as it is vision.

Her 6 years of experience spans client work from large hospitals to start-ups. Prior to starting Friends, she worked in healthcare innovation at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Veryday. At MSK, she worked to develop a patient centered strategy that looked at the whole person rather than the disease. This became an institutional priority supported by the intentional design of systems, services, spaces, and communications.

Miki is motivated by humanity, finds magic in the ordinary, follows curiosity, and is active in the design for social good community.

Joshua Tuscan
Technology & Production

As CTO, Joshua heads up the technology and product development practice at Friends.

Joshua is a creative technologist that leverages his cross discipline experience in development and design to help conceive, iterate, and build projects that feel great across varied medium.

Prior to Friends, Joshua spent time at Razorfish, Kurt Noble Inc., and Digital Kitchen. With twelve years of experience in the digital design and technology space, he explores the intersection between technology and human interaction to help brands like Dolby, HTC, Highfive, Pandora, Nike, ABC, Carnival, and Samsung extend their reach through digital experiences. His projects have been recognized by several awards programs and recently highlighted on stage at an Apple keynote.

In addition to his professional endeavors, Joshua volunteers his expertise in K-12 schools through’s computer science initiatives. In his spare time, he likes to ride motorcycles, build furniture, and play soccer with his kid.

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