in Space.

An even playing field exists—it’s just 300 miles in the sky.

For centuries, sports have been humanity’s universal unifier. They’ve given us a sense of self as much as they’ve pushed us all past what we thought ourselves capable of. And yet, all that made sports thrilling feels more inadequate and outdated every day—limited by our earthbound expectations. To establish a new era of fair play, sports need to go where they’ve never been played before... which is why we’re launching them in space.

The first galactic games will challenge the concept of an even playing field, inviting everyone to learn how to play from the ground up. These sports won’t be limited by physical ability, gravity, or capacity. Teams will be diverse. Spectators no longer passive. Athletes more inclusive from the beginning. Elitism a thing of the past.

Test the boundaries of limitlessness together.

Just because the first galactic games aren’t yet, doesn’t mean they can’t be. Sports in space are closer than you think. We simply need to flex the athleticism of our collective imagination. To tap into our potential for speculative thinking. Designing today how we want tomorrow to play.

Starting January 2019, we are opening the doors to the Center for Hypothetical Athletics. We will pursue questions that haven’t been answered (simply by virtue of them never being asked) and work alongside emerging technologies to push the art of play in entirely new directions.


Research & Inspiration

Connect unexpected dots, and look outside our world for new thinking.


Concepts & Prototypes

Design rules to be broken, gear to be worn, and games to be played.


Showcase & Training

Play what’s been made, walk the runway, and share what comes next.

By taking sports to space, our goal is to redefine cooperation and competition. Which starts by changing how we work and the models we gravitate toward.

This year, we launched the Friends Co-op, an inclusive community of risk-taking creatives challenging the status quo. Members have access to new resources, experimental projects like this one, and a direct connection to unique collaborators.

Next year, we launch our group moonshot. Space will be our stage to design the future of fair play. Until now, so much that’s come to be has been predetermined by previous generations of writers, scientists, and artists. But why stop there?

We’re not here to pick up where others left off, but to create a preferred future grounded in modern ideals. Along the way, we hope that our learnings change how we see our world and what we do with it.

Visionary Partners & Patrons Wanted.

By inventing new sports, we will reimagine how sponsors and media play a part. We’re looking for organizations to take this leap with. If you or your company are in search of new ways to connect with humanity, reach new audiences, work in new ways, or invent new models—this is the project for you.