Teaching computers to see humans.

Body Labs brand vision in technology


Communicating the value of a complex, invisible technology.


A clear vision that led to a successful acquisition by Amazon.


Teaching computers to see the human body (and all of its jiggly parts) as digital platform.

Body Labs is a technology company that trains computers to understand how humans interact with and behave in the world around them. Co-founded by the godfather of computer vision and the inventor of After Effects, they brought together a remarkable team of computer scientists and engineers that hope to bring us one step closer to the science fiction world we all dream of.

In the Age of Acceleration, the speed of change makes it hard to imagine that progress doesn’t come at the cost of humanity. The rising fear that robots will take our jobs, the (ir)responsibility of creators, the ethical limits of new technologies. Much like other industry pioneers that came before, the next generation of technology companies are responsible for the advancement of society without the exploitation of communities.

With this in mind, we partnered with Body Labs to shape a vision that prioritized humanity. To get there, we gave clear definition to their market and value proposition, brought focus to product benefits and features, and helped author investor pitches.

We summarized market and user research with a manifesto for Gen Z to help product teams understand the behaviors, emotions, and influences important to this demographic.

We designed proof of concepts for new products with their engineers and built a brand that speaks to the human-side of technology.

Acting as one team kept the process agile and consistent, ultimately leading to the successful acquisition by Amazon in 2018 for an estimated $70m.

Mosh, a social platform, mixes augmented reality lenses with collaborative storytelling.

With Gen Z in mind, we explored a range of product concepts to apply the core Body Labs technology in creative ways. Eventually landing on Mosh, an experimental social platform with 3D lenses that interact with your body and reacts to your environment. Playing into the behavior of hopping back and forth between irl and digital for a continuous hang, each scene recorded builds a larger story–making a collaborative movie.

Our Role

  • Brand Strategy
  • Product Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Market & Design Research
  • B2C Brand Strategy
  • Investor Pitch
  • Value Proposition
  • Innovation Pipeline
  • Naming
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