Inventing a better way to feed the planet.

Impossible Foods customer experience in food


Change the way the world looks from outer space, nbd.


Market definition and brand strategy that led to an influential launch.


Impossible Foods is transforming the global food system by inventing a better way to make foods we love, without compromise.

The world loves meat. But relying on cows to make meat is land-hungry, water-thirsty, and pollution-heavy. That’s why they set out to do the impossible: make an uncompromisingly delicious burger, made entirely from plants, and to enlist passionate eaters and chefs who see new food experiences as a form of social engagement and self-expression.

In collaboration with West, we helped give definition to the audience and value proposition, B2C brand strategy and go-to-market strategy.

Our Role

  • Audience Definition
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • B2C Brand Strategy
  • Value Proposition
  • Retail Concepts
  • Creative Leadership
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