Transforming international travel.

LAX International Airport storytelling in travel


Create a multimedia experience for international travelers.


An ambient introduction to Los Angeles and its culture.


We helped reimagine the global travel experience at the Los Angeles International Airport.

Friends’ CEO, David Mikula, and his team at Digital Kitchen were responsible for key insights, experience principles, and a content strategy for the largest immersive multimedia installation of any airport in the Americas. Taking inspiration from the global culture and iconic history of Los Angeles, we developed three distinct creative territories for filmmakers and technologists to explore.

David also brought to life to four immersive films that represented the city of LA to its natives, as well as newcomers from all over the world. Two of the films focused on the pioneering sub-cultures of surf and skate. The other two brought to life the history of Hollywood through short stories with a nod to film noir and modern romance where two lovers unknowingly explore the city side-by-side without ever meeting until the end.

These stories unfold across a one-of-a-kind display called “the storyboard”, an eight-screen display of unique shapes that resemble the process of narrative storytelling.

Our Role

  • Customer Experience Blueprint
  • Creative Production
  • Creative Leadership
  • Audience Research
  • Visual Language
  • Content Strategy
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