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Help Mount Sinai launch a new hybrid clinic / research lab.


An end-to-end patient experience, prototyped in real-time.


Lab 100 is a first of its kind hybrid clinic / research lab that brings patients and scientists closer together to redesign the way health is measured and care is delivered.

As a patient, Lab 100 helps you to track your health over time by providing the most comprehensive health assessment currently available. As a scientist, Lab 100 is a research center that equips you with longitudinal multi-scale health data and a testbed environment to develop, validate, and deploy new products and services. By closing this feedback loop, Lab 100 creates a virtuous cycle of innovation that radically accelerates the pace at which promising ideas become clinical practice.

To create Lab 100, we collaborated with the team at Cactus and Mount Sinai to envision the patient, brand, and digital experience for this new-to-the-world clinic.

Patient Experience

Defining the strategy that guides the integration of physical, digital, and human services.

We helped establish the foundational patient-centered strategy for Lab 100. Answering important questions like: How do we preserve dignity? What is the first thing a patient is met with—technology or humanity? How do we collect and protect their information? Where do they get changed and what should they wear? How do we make sure this doesn't feel like traditional health care?

Using these principles and our learnings, we continually improved the end-to-end experience to compliment patient desires and behaviors.

The Clinic

A physical space that can be easily upgraded like technology, personal data that travels with you.

Lab 100 was designed to be overtly modular. To emphasize this point, our partners, Cactus and Pink Sparrow, built the space like a soundstage. As patients approach the exterior of the lab, they are able to see the scaffolding and infrastructure holding the lab in place. Upon entering, they’re greeted by a futuristic lab designed on a triangular grid—making it easy to redesign the space without losing a sense of organization.

Each module (from blood draw to 3D body scanning) was designed as a standalone experience, where patients are able to review results in real-time with a doctor. After the session, the patient’s personal data is made available through a highly visual web app where they’re able to explore the same data reviewed with their doctor.

UX & Product Design

A new digital service designed around transparency, built to be HIPAA complient.

Patients are able to book appointments at Lab 100 seamlessly from any device. Appointment reminders include travel suggestions and what to expect.

Designed with the expectations of modern services in mind, Friends created a dynamic onboarding that integrates appointment booking and payment processing, as well as secure, passwordless account creation.

The data from each session is made available through a highly visual mobile and desktop app built around Lab 100's dynamic brand system.

Brand Building

Coining the name, building the brand, designing a generative visual language.

Situated at the cross streets of 100th Avenue and Park Street in Manhattan, we coined the name Lab 100 for its location and the idea of ‘being at 100’ — predictive and preventative care in the hands of the patient, striving for optimization and well being.

Taking cues from data visualization, we established a 100-point grid as our primary visual device. It functions as a framework, upon which our logo mark, iconography and extended visual system are built.

The mark itself, a mountain silhouette, reimagines the iconic Mount Sinai Hospital logo as points of light, manifested brightly atop the 10x10 grid. This icon is rooted in the longstanding equity of the Mount Sinai Hospital brand, but as a new research institution, looks to the future in its execution.

Inspired by natural light, we created a generative gradient to reduce strain and calm patients in a highly technical environment. It can live on its own, on large screens that blend in with actual windows, or be paired with the dynamic iconography of our versatile brand language.

The 10x10 grid is an intelligent system, responding in real time to the patient’s needs—transitioning from data visualization to wayfinding, progress tracking to emotional expressions.

Together, the grid and gradient extend from signage to motion, art installations to technical details.

Our Role

  • Audience Research
  • Customer Experience Definition
  • Brand Naming
  • UX & Product Design
  • Data Visualization
  • Responsive Web App Development
  • Brand Platform
  • Visual Language & Verbal Identity
  • Wayfinding
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