Empowering small business.

Resy Product design in food


Improve product onboarding and setup for customers and Resy’s internal team.


Empowered small businesses with instant and open DIY services.


Together with Resy, we redesigned the initial user experience to make it possible for a restaurant to begin taking reservations within minutes instead of weeks.

Resy is a reservation management platform that enables restaurants to seat more than 28 million guests a year across 125 cities. The smallest restaurant they support has eight seats and the largest has close to four hundred. Regardless of scale: setup and on-boarding of any restaurant management platform (OpenTable, Resy, etc.) at the time were labor intensive, taking up to two weeks to complete and asking a lot of the customer success team.

To improve the experience of Resy employees and customers alike, we took a human-centered approach. Our research happened alongside restaurant owners and managers, remarkable hosts and Michelin Star chefs—from Seattle to Boston. We co-designed interactive prototypes and tested them in real-time. We alleviated pain-points by giving customers more control. Uncovered insights that led to the redesign of the user experience, as well as ways to evolve the business and pricing model.

In the end, DIY customer sign-up and onboarding elevated the Customer Success team and reduced customer setup time from two weeks to roughly twelve minutes.

Our Role

  • Customer Experience Blueprint
  • UX & Product Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Audience Research
  • Visual Language
  • Co-Design
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