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Reinvent mobile gaming beyond harvesting crops and slicing fruit.


The first competitive game designed for touch played by people the world over.


Developed by Super Evil Megacorp, Vainglory is a competitive game played around the world by professionals and casual gamers alike.

Super Evil Megacorp is building a future where every phone and tablet is perceived by players as a portable next-gen console–ultimately reinventing and untethering the world of competitive gaming. Their first game, Vainglory, is made exclusively for mobile devices and is the first competitive game designed for touch.

ux & product design

Working closely with the product and engineering team, we designed a modern user experience for Vainglory, which won the Apple Design Award.

Together, with Friends, Vainglory set out to reset expectations for game UI—rivaling the sophistication of design-centric services, lessening the learning curve for noobs.

Along the way, we developed the visual identity for Vainglory and Super Evil Megacorp (an especially evil looking brand), which is seen around the globe during tournaments and events.

For more info about Vainglory and its rabid community, read the latest on Forbes.

Our Role

  • UX & Product Design
  • Creative Strategy & Leadership
  • Brand Identity
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